On November 23 in the North America region, over 70 titles will be available for $0.49^ each, including 4 new releases: Astro Miner, Drawing Carnival, ASMR Slicing and Tricky Taps. On November 25 in EU and UK, there’ll be over 70 titles available for 0.99-1.99 €, and 4 new releases will be available for € 1,79 / £ 1.61

^ For owners of one of QubicGames Titles: Robonauts, Mana Spark, Puzzle Book, Coloring Book (FREE), Geki Yaba Anniversary Edition, Pocket Mini Golf, REKT! High Octane Stunts

Astro Miner

Travel to mysterious planets with unique terrains, mine valuable crystals using your vacuum gun, and sell your treasures in your base to earn a fortune. Explore underground portals for gold coins to unlock character skins, vehicles, and more. Play solo or invite a friend for co-op mode, ride hoverboards, and discover fossils of ancient creatures for extra bonuses. Put on your space suit and delve into the cosmos – mine, explore, and get rich!

Drawing Carnival

Immerse yourself in the world of artistic expression at the Drawing Carnival! Use neon markers, spray paints, diamonds, and glitter to create stunning masterpieces in 5 unique styles. Hang your art in the exhibition, negotiate deals, and earn money to enhance your space with new walls, floors, and decorations. Customize your tools with stylish skins and unleash your doodle creativity in this vibrant and relaxing art adventure!

ASMR Slicing

Experience an amazing adventure with unconventional tools and colorful objects made of kinetic sand. Raise the bar with various tasks in challenge mode, unlock mysterious objects, collect coins and earn epic blades such as lightsabers and chainsaws. Become the ultimate slicing master by additionally smashing cookies with life quotes with a hammer.

Tricky Taps

Get ready for an adrenaline-fueled arcade adventure with Tricky Taps! With your strategic thinking and quick reflexes, you’ll easily navigate through the twisty roads, avoid spikes, and overcome all the obstacles thrown your way using levers.

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