SnowRunner, the ultimate off-road driving experience with more than 12 million players to date, is celebrating the occasion with a new round of DLC.

Embracing its core pillars as the open-world sandbox off-road simulation, where players navigate through extreme landscapes, conquer treacherous terrains, and complete challenging missions using a fleet of powerful vehicles, SnowRunner introduces two thrilling new DLC packs: the Kenworth W990 DLC and the Jack of all Treads Tire Pack.

The Kenworth W990 DLC boasts a brand-new, formidable truck, amplifying the fleet and opening new avenues for daring off-road conquests. Meanwhile, the Jack of all Treads Tire Pack offers over 50 tire and rim combinations, allowing players to fine-tune their vehicles for the most challenging terrains and climates.

These two exciting DLCs are standalone products and are not included in the Year 3 Pass. They must be purchased separately to expand your SnowRunner experience.

This DLC brings with it a free update for the game as well. You can find the complete patch notes for this update here.


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