M2 previously announced that DoDonPachi Blissful Death Re:Incarnation will hit the Switch in Japan on Dec. 7th, 2023. Today, we learn that the package will also include DoDonPachi III. This game has been incredibly hard to find since initially launching, which makes its inclusion in DoDonPachi Blissful Death Re:Incarnation all the more meaningful.

This version of DoDonPachi III will include the following features:

  • English text (including the endings)
  • the ability to carry over up to three remaining lives at the start of your second playthrough
  • maximum score adjustments
  • different Extend conditions on your second playthrough.

DoDonPachi Blissful Death Re:Incarnation’s physical edition in Japan will cost 7,480 yen, while the digital edition will cost 4,950 yen. A limited edition will also be available for 10,780 yen, and it includes a copy of the game, exclusive packaging featuring artwork by Junya Inoue, a developer interviews materials collection, a reprint of the arcade instruction card, the official soundtrack, and a hyper item pin badge (25 by 25 millimeters).

You can see a full recap of what’s included in below.

DoDonPachi Blissful Death Arcade

  • Arcade Mode – A precisely ported and faithful reproduction of the arcade version.
  • Arcade Challenge – Practice and overcome your weaknesses with the rewind feature.
  • Arcade Osarai – Automatically logs your mistakes so you can review them from five seconds before.

Casual DoDonPachi Blissful Death

  • Super Easy Mode – A moderately easy mode that anyone can enjoy.
  • Luna Tour – A casual minigame-like mode you can play in one-minute bursts and collect stamps.

Arrange Mode

  • Arrange S – Shotia-exclusive mode. Fight high-speed bullets with Hyper Shot.
  • Arrange L – Leinyan-exclusive mode. Eliminate bullets with Reincarnation Laser.
  • Arrange EX – EXY-exclusive mode. The second playthrough difficulty is… no continues.

Arcade Extra Version

  • DoDonPachi Blissful Death Black Label
  • DoDonPachi III (international version) (first-ever port)

Selectable Background Music Sets

  • Arcade – Music from the arcade version.
  • Stereo 2023 – New stereo version by Manabu Namiki.
  • Reincarnation – New arrange version by Super Sweep-led Remixer.

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