WayForward talks what's old and new in Contra: Operation Galuga

What's old is new...and what's new is new

22 November 2023
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Old-school gamers were extremely pleased to see the reveal of Contra: Operation Galuga a few months back, as it looks to be a return to the classic stylings of Contra. That said, there was a considerable amount of confusion about just how classic the experience is going to be. Now we have those answers, thanks to some insight from the developers.

Konami is once again teaming with WayForward to birth a fresh Contra installment, following up on their partnership for Contra 4 on the DS. It’s clear Konami knows WayForward has what it takes to revive Contra once again, and the team will really get to strut their stuff with this latest offering.

In an interview with Dtoid, WayForward’s Tomm Hulett opened up about the specifics for Contra: Operation Galuga. Most importantly, we have a lot more clarity on how much of this experience is brand-new versus a remake/reimagining of Contra titles gone by.

“Gameplay wise, it’s all new. Well, obviously there are returning elements — you’re running, gunning, picking up Spread Shots, and so on. But we were not beholden to ‘well, let’s keep this simpler because it’s the first Contra’ or ‘we can’t put that element in this stage because that’s not what happened.’ There are original enemies and bosses, and the returning favorites will behave in new and exciting ways. Stage designs are completely new as well.”

[WayForward's Tomm Hulett]

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