DANGEN Entertainment and PINIX Games are excited to announce that “Alina of the Arena” is making its debut on Switch today. The game is priced at $15 and takes up 283 mb of space.

Winner of multiple awards in the indie space and a successful PC launch in 2022, “Alina of the Arena” transports players to a striking pixelated world of relentless arena combat where survival is the ultimate challenge. As Alina, a valiant female gladiator, players must entertain a bloodthirsty crowd, round by round, as they climb up the ranks and try to emerge victorious.

“Alina of the Arena” draws gameplay inspiration from “Slay The Spire” and “Into The Breach,” blending roguelike elements of deckbuilding, hex-based tactics, equipment management, and power-ups into a thrilling strategic experience, all wrapped in a 2D gladiator aesthetic. Successive fights are confined to a battle-ridden arena and resemble a do-or-die, tough as nails position-based RPG battle every time.

The core of “Alina of the Arena” gameplay lies in its intense hex-based tactical gameplay, immersing players in the heat of battle that will challenge the best of players. Gather weapons tossed into the arena by the crowd, utilize spoils earned from battle to purchase new weapons and accessories, such as swords, bows, axes and amulets. You can further upgrade your equipment, or acquire powerful new cards. Players are encouraged to master the art of high-risk, high-reward strategy with a wide array of unique cards to land massive damage, avoid or absorb incoming attacks, even outmaneuver and deceive adversaries, pitting them against each other.

With successive runs, players are able to unlock new starting builds, permanent upgrades, unique equipment and more as they try to outlast their way up the arena. Each level string contains Battles, Elite Battles, Shops, Events and more, building up to a huge showdown with the area Champion, sure to rile up the raucous crowd and net massive loot. What fate awaits Alina at the end?

Alina of the Arena on PC was awarded the Best Design Indie Game Award at Taipei Game Show 2023, and has been nominated for numerous awards at other events, including BitSummit, IndiePlay and TactiCon.

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