The Splatoon Research Lab is back with another update on Splatoon 3’s Chill Season 2023, which kicks off Dec. 1st, 2023. We already know the new season brings a ton of fresh content with it, but today brings us some more specifics on what to expect.

Today brings us a look at the S-BLAST ‘91. This weapon asks the question, “What if the S-BLAST ‘92 looked different?” But it also comes with Burst Bombs and Booyah Bombs to complete an exceptionally explosive loadout.


After that, the Splatoon Research Labo also obtained some Splatlandian social media that appears to have been filmed on the stages we revealed in the Chill Season trailer! Take a look for yourself—what details stand out to you?

Last but not least, a new memo from Grizzco!

Attention, employees! Barnacle & Dime’s facing a Big Run from 12/1 at 4 PM PT to 12/3 at 4 PM PT. We require assistance! Note: A devastating King Salmonid named Megalodontia may make landfall. Please speak to HR if you end up not surviving.

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