Digital Extremes showcased new gameplay and haunting details around Warframe’s next major Cinematic Quest addition, Whispers in the Walls, as part of the team’s 175th monthly Devstream today. Alongside the promise of answers to decade-old burning questions, this December-bound Cinematic Update also brings a new enemy faction, a Grimoire book weapon class, player hub, environment tile sets, ally syndicate, revamped heavy attack system, plus the sprawling sci-fi game’s 55th Warframe, and so much more!

Venture into the heart of Warframe’s proverbial big bang that kicked off every event in the game, the lab of Albrecht Entrati. A figure cloaked in mystique and allure for the past decade, players will finally get answers to mysteries and secrets they’ve been searching for. Navigate the crossfire between the Entrati and an enigmatic entity only known as “the Man in the Wall” and survive against a new enemy type, the Murmur, comprising amalgamations of inconceivable limbs and brutalist geometry.

Wield the true power of the Void in the form of a never-before-seen secondary weapon type, the Grimoire. Disperse eldritch blasts from the swirling pages of this unknown tome to send enemies’ limbs flying in all directions. Uncover new pages of the Grimoire throughout the story to learn more about its origins and spellbinding details of Entrati’s master plan across two new mission types, Alchemy and Netracells, as well as a fresh Assassination mission with new mechanics.

Explore the new hub zone, The Sanctum, and meet new friendly faces like Loid, long-trapped in cryosleep for untold ages. Bask in the highly detailed visuals of a new environmental tileset during missions within the depths of the Entrati Labs as well as the unfathomably large and surreal world beyond the walls of our own. Mysteries await in every corner of these new zones, including a secret new Syndicate for players to discover.

Upon Whispers in the Walls’ completion, unlock the new power of Tennokai: Melee Heavy Attack moments free of cost! Heavy Attacks normally consume the Combo Counter built up during combat, but Tennokai rewards players with a random Heavy Attack to be slung out for free while maintaining that Combo number. Install the Tennokai Segment into the Arsenal and equip new Mods to sustain a stylish combat flow and keep the Combo count rising to newfound heights.

A teaser trailer premiered on Devstream 175 today that unveiled Digital Extremes’ plans to debut an exclusive asset and reveal additional information about Whispers in the Walls as well as details for a special Sevogath Warframe Twitch Drop during The Game Awards, streaming live on all major platforms Thursday, December 7:

The 55th Warframe, Qorvex, is another one of the Entrati’s Void projects being unearthed for all to see. Full of deadly radiation Status ailments in a multi-layered concrete frame, Qorvex controls crowds with collapsing wall traps and fusion reactor pillars.Players can even get their hands on a new Deluxe Skin for the dark helmsman Sevagoth. The fastest Warframe there is, Gauss, will also be sprinting into the skirmish with his stylish new Prime form and swathed in a signature gold trim when Gauss Prime Access launches in January.

Cross Platform Save will begin to make its way to select players when Whispers in the Walls launches in December! This new feature will be rolled out in phases to maintain a steady flow of players and conduct stress testing along the way. All Warframe players on all platforms are expected to have access to Cross Platform Save by the end of 2023 and Digital Extremes will operate with complete transparency to Community as the feature is rolled out. Learn more about Cross Platform Save on the official Warframe website.

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