The Pokémon TV service is constantly being updated with new content, and Pokémon Co. has revealed the next wave of anime goodness fans can expect.

Fans of the fifth season of the Pokémon anime series will be happy to know that Pokémon: Master Quest episodes are going to be added to Pokémon TV sometime in the near future. In this season, Ash, Pikachu, and their friends have reached the final stretch of their adventure through the Johto region. Watch the gang battle their way through the Whirl Cup competition, confront a villainous Team Rocket scientist, and battle powerful Gym Leaders. Ash even makes it to the Johto League Silver Conference, but can he defeat his old rival Gary Oak?

We don’t have word on when these episodes will be available to stream, but they’ll be added soon. You can enjoy Pokémon TV content via the official website, or the Pokémon TV app.

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