Did You Know Gaming creates absolutely fascinating videos that offer unique insight and behind-the-scenes details on our favorite gaming companies and software. The latest offering from the DYKG team differs slightly, as it instead focuses on a specific designer and their works, rather than a software line or studio.

Today’s Did You Know Gaming puts the spotlight on Ken Sugimori life, as well as his impact on the video game industry. Sugimori has offered major contributions to the Pokémon franchise, which is no doubt his most well-known work. That said, it’s not the only software Sugimori had a hand in, as he helped out with other Game Freak titles like Pulseman and Drill Dozer.

While plenty of people know all sorts of intricate details on games, the amount we speak about the developers behind them pales in comparison. It’s nice to see people like Sugimori get the spotlight, as it gives us a deeper appreciation of what goes into crafting experiences for what has become the #1 hobby for millions the world over.

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