Global game publisher CFK (headed by Chang-sig Koo) is proud to announce today (11/27) the Sixtar Gate: STARTRAIL X WACCA Collaboration Pack, partnering up Starlike Inc.’s rhythm game Sixtar Gate: STARTRAIL, currently on sale on Nintendo Switch™ with Japanese entertainment company Marvelous Inc.’s game WACCA.

Wacca is a popular arcade rhythm game created by Japanese entertainment company Marvelous in collaboration with indie record label HARDCORE TANO*C, officially released in July of 2019 in Japan after its first debut at the 2019 Japan Amusement Expo. With its first January 2020 update, Wacca S, the September 2020 update, Wacca Lily, and the final update, Wacca Reverse, in August of 2022, this game is jam-packed with all sorts of features.

Featuring a 360° touch panel allowing for three-dimensional gameplay, a colorful LED display bringing greater immersion, and simple rulings for a wide variety of movements, Wacca has attracted a large fan base and features a number of popular songs from the HARDCORE TANO*C label, including works from artists and DJs like t+pazolite, DJ Genki, and REDALiCE.

The Sixtar Gate: STARTRAIL X WACCA Collaboration Pack will come to Switch according to the regional schedule below.

  • Korea, Japan, Hong Kong: December 7th, 2023
  • North America: December 11th, 2023
  • Europe: January 1st, 2024

The Sixtar Gate: STARTRAIL X WACCA Collaboration Pack features eight music tracks, four gear skins, one note skin, and one original theme for the game. The collaboration pack includes the following tracklist and extras:

▶ Sixtar Gate: STARTRAIL X WACCA Collaboration Pack tracklist

  1. Let you DIVE! - HARDCORE TANO*C & エリザベス(CV:大西沙織)
  2. Chariot - USAO
  3. ONOMATO Pairing!!! - t+pazolite feat. ななひら
  4. with U - t+pazolite & Massive New Krew feat. リリィ(CV:青木志貴)
  5. Ouvertüre - USAO & DJ Genki feat. ルーン(CV:河瀬茉希)
  6. EPHMR - aran
  7. DUAL BREAKER XX - Srav3R vs Getty
  8. Invisible Frenzy – Kobaryo

▶ Gear skins

  • WACCA Lily
  • WACCA Lily R
  • WACCA Reverse

▶ Note skin


▶ Theme

  • ”In Memory of WACCA”

To celebrate the global release, CFK will be holding a limited-time discount promotion for Sixtar Gate: STARTRAIL X WACCA Collaboration Pack. from November 27 to December 3 (one full week), players can pick up Sixtar Gate: STARTRAIL at a 30% discount.

The Sixtar Gate: STARTRAIL X WACCA Collaboration Pack is expected to draw a number of eyes with all the elements it includes showcasing the mood WACCA games are known for, including popular songs from the WACCA series, an original theme, and more. The GOAT of collaboration packs, the Sixtar Gate: STARTRAIL X WACCA Collaboration Pack, is on sale on Steam starting November 27th.

Sixtar Gate: STARTRAIL is a key-based rhythm game set to a space-faring background, featuring storytelling through music, colorful visuals for its expansive tracklist, and a charmingly adorable travel companion, Shii.

The development studio, Starlike Inc., includes main producer Lyrebird Ferdinant, one of the minds behind rhythm games Pump It Up, OverRapid, and more, and sound director Sound Souler, known for using keyboard and strings to create all sorts of fantastical melodies for a number of rhythm games.

With its impressive tracklist featuring a number of original exclusives from famous composers from the BEMANI (Beatmania) series and familiar arrangements from spin-off works in the Touhou series, this game features a number of popular songs that rhythm gamers will not want to miss. The creators have also been working on a number of collaborations, domestic and international, including projects with Nijisanji’s virtual YouTuber Seffyna, Virtual YouTuber crew POCOTONE, and now Marvelous Inc.’s rhythm game WACCA, released today.


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RIP Wacca
Really loved playing that game.