A new trailer has just revealed that the hand-drawn 2D action-platformer The Perfect Pencil is coming to Switch sometime in 2023.

Help John on his journey of personal growth and unravel the nuances of human reactions to fear. Surprising exploration, fast paced combat, complex choices and allegorical characters, are all intertwined with a psychological narrative in The Perfect Pencil.

For a more complete look at The Perfect Pencil, check out the press release below.

John finds himself trapped in a mysterious world, as it can happen to all of us from time to time. He can see a glow in the distance, though. It’s not clear where it comes from, but it looks like that’s the beginning of his adventure. And yours.

Start your emotional odyssey, a journey during which you’ll have to create your own path and face the consequences of the choices you make. Everything will depend on them, your choices. Unravel the facets of human reactions to fear, traversing an allegorical world full of meaning. The many areas you’ll cross are all interconnected and they each represent a precise theme.

Expose yourself to danger in your most vulnerable moments in order to survive. This is how you overcome your fears after all.

The “healing attack” will put you in many tense situations but it will prove indispensable on your journey. Will you have the courage it takes?

How deep do you want to dig? That’s up to you! The Analysis ability will grant you the power to gain precious information from NPCs, peculiar objects and environmental observations. This will help you make choices, discover secrets and new meanings to the game’s narrative, influencing the final outcome of your journey.

The Perfect Pencil entwines psychological narrative with adventurous gameplay, secrets, surprises, mini games, interactions, quests, enemies, friends, frenemies, eneriends, and big (maybe) terrible boss fights. While you help John through his travels, you’ll become fond of this scary world.

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