Nintendo have announced that a new mode called “Classic Race” is coming to F-Zero 99’s Version 1.1.0 update.

This mode takes changes the online racing to play more like the original release on Super Nintendo the changes include:

  • Reduced screen ratio
  • Narrower courses
  • Number of players participating is maxed at 20
  • Spin Attack and Skyway disabled
  • Power meter increase due to KO has also been abolished
  • Turbo can only be used once per lap, max of 3 charges in reserve

This update will also introduce a new item called the lucky card which essentially works as a lottery ticket. It records the rankings and machines used for 5 races, and if the recorded results match the numbers and machines on the mystery card announced at the end of 5 races, you will receive prizes like experience points and tickets.

This update is scheduled to go live on November 29th in Japan we will keep you updated for when it goes live here in the west.

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