While Nintendo might have pushed The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 into Spring 2023, we might have some new details on the game’s plot to enjoy today. This information comes from Pietro Ubaldi, the Italian voice actor for Daruk.

Ubaldi states that he just finished up recording some dialog for the game. Once again, Ubaldi will be handling the role of Daruk, as well as Daruk’s ‘ancestor.’ This ancestor is apparently a more serious version of Daruk.

This news obviously begs the question of just when Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 will be taking place. Are we going to play as the same Link from Breath of the Wild, but he somehow time travels? Is the long-haired version of Link we see in the trailer actually Link from 10,000 years ago? Will we get to play as him, or are those segments going to be nothing more than flashbacks? Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait until Spring 2023 for the final word.

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2y ago

Ancient Champions to sell a new set of Amiibo :)


2y ago

Imagine if they call this game A Link to the Past in Japan. The west will be so confused.

cheesus 2

2y ago

'Plot details for Zelda Botw 2 leaked'


'There will be more than one Goron in the game'