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28 November 2023
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Jupiter Corporation launched a crowdfunding campaign for their new puzzle game, “Logiart Grimoire” on Kickstarter. Jupiter Corporation is a Japanese company based in Kyoto that plans, develops, and sells video games. Their titles include the “Picross S series” and “Working Zombies”. “Logiart Grimoire” is being developed by a small team and is led by a female director. The goal of this project is to “create and enjoy the game with the users.”

Join the game as one of the characters, and let’s add a puzzle that was born from your idea! You can also add an original wizard illustration that represents you, as well as new puzzles based on your ideas.These will be stylishly implemented as letters received from you, without disrupting the game’s atmosphere.

In addition to our main goal, the devs have prepared stretch goals. The more support they receive after the funding is successful, the more the team can enhance the game. With your support, the devs can make the following possible:

Localization into new languages

The team will localize our game into various languages to make it enjoyable for people in different countries and regions. This will make it easier for players worldwide to understand the game’s elements and allow more people to play!

Enhancing game elements

You can further enrich the game by expanding existing features and adding voices to the characters in the game.

“Logiart Grimoire” is a new sensation game that combines pixel art logic puzzles and word association games.

Players find a mysterious Grimoire that only those with the power of puzzles can be guided to. There, they will meet a small wizard who seeks help from the player. Solve the logic puzzle “Logiart” engraved in the Grimoire and clear it… Furthermore, create new puzzles with “Fusion” using the cleared puzzles as materials and fulfill the small wizard’s request.

The final version of the game will be released on Steam on March 1, 2024. Following that, the Nintendo Switch version will be released.

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