We first learned about Beyond Good and Evil 20th Anniversary Edition through an ESRB listing, and then saw full details thanks to an listing that went live a bit early. In a hat trick for fans of leaks, Beyond Good and Evil 20th Anniversary Edition accidentally released through Xbox for Ubisoft+ subscribers yesterday as well. None of this was planned by Ubisoft, but yesterday’s fiasco in particular forced their hand, and they’ve now made a statement.

Even though fans have known for months that Beyond Good and Evil 20th Anniversary Edition was the real deal, Ubisoft officially confirmed the project earlier today. They also shared a statement on the accidental release, saying that it was due to a technical error. Along with that, the company also confirmed that the official release is coming sometime in early 2024.

While it remains to be seen if there will be any Switch-specific features for Beyond Good and Evil 20th Anniversary Edition, we know for a fact that it’s heading our way. We’ll bring you all the news there is on that version once Ubisoft shares it…or it gets leaked!


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7M ago

It’s both shocking and unsurprising that this is happening before the sequel comes out.


7M ago

All I'm asking for is the original german dub and not another Ghostbusters situation. Or a Baten Kaitos situation.