SOHO Live, the Tokyo-based live music company specializing in creating and presenting live concerts of the most memorable video game and anime music, can today reveal that a slate of new Stardew Valley: Festival of Seasons tour dates have been added due to popular demand.

The new dates include additional stops across Europe, Asia, North America, and Oceania, bringing the tour to a total of 13 countries. New markets include Paris, Milan, Manchester, Tokyo, Auckland, San Francisco, and many more, taking the tour to over 40 nights of gaming musical magic, making it the largest dedicated concert tour for an independent video game IP.

Stardew Valley Festival of Seasons transforms music from the beloved game through a chamber orchestra featuring top talent from the local music scene at every stop of the tour.

The show is segmented into sections, each representing one of the four seasons. In-game music from Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter will take centre stage, with other memorable themes from the game’s many locations, festivals, and villagers sprinkled throughout. The tour will also feature new exclusive Stardew Valley merchandise that will only be available at the concerts.

Fans can enjoy songs such as Dance of the Moonlight Jellies, and Stardew Valley Overture, as well as a haystack full of surprises. Each piece has been carefully curated by Stardew creator ConcernedApe aka Eric Barone, with arrangements led by an expert lineup of conductors, including rising star Thanapol Setabrahmana and the world-renowned Sarah-Grace Williams.

The full list of shows by region is below: (* = two shows in one day)


  • Feb 16: Los Angeles, CA *
  • Feb 17: Los Angeles, CA * (SOLD OUT)
  • Feb 23: Boston, MA * (2nd show added)
  • Feb 24: Philadelphia, PA * (SOLD OUT)
  • Jun 1: Philadelphia, PA *
  • Feb 27: New York City, NY
  • Feb 29: New York City, NY (SOLD OUT)
  • Mar 2: Seattle, WA * (SOLD OUT)
  • Mar 3: Seattle, WA *
  • Mar 9: Chicago, IL * (2nd show added)
  • Mar 10: St. Louis, MO (SOLD OUT)
  • May 5: Cincinnati, OH *
  • May 18: Portland, OR *
  • May 29: Tampa, FL
  • Jun 7: Kansas City, MO
  • Jun 9: San Francisco, CA *
  • Jun 15: Austin, TX *
  • Jul 14: Atlanta, GA


  • Mar 14: Toronto, ON
  • Mar 15: Toronto, ON (SOLD OUT)
  • Mar 17: Montreal, QC * (SOLD OUT)
  • May 5: Montreal, QC *
  • Mar 23: Ottawa, QC
  • Mar 27: Vancouver, BC
  • Mar 28: Edmonton, AB

Australia & New Zealand

  • Apr 5: Melbourne, AU (SOLD OUT)
  • Apr 9: Melbourne, AU
  • Apr 7: Perth, AU
  • Apr 13: Wellington,NZ
  • Apr 14: Auckland, NZ
  • Apr 19: Brisbane, AU
  • Apr 20: Sydney, AU * (SOLD OUT)
  • Apr 27: Sydney, AU *


  • Apr 28: Birmingham, UK
  • Apr 29: London, UK (SOLD OUT)
  • May 13: London, UK
  • May 1: Berlin, DE
  • May 3: Paris, FR
  • May 5: Edinburgh, UK
  • May 9: Milan, IT
  • Jul 14: Manchester, UK *


  • Mar 22: Bangkok, TH
  • Mar 24: Seoul, KR *
  • Aug 26: Singapore, SG
  • TBA (2024): Tokyo, JP

For more information and ticket on-sale times, visit and sign up for the newsletter on the website for the latest updates on performances, merchandise and more surprises to come.


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