Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? SpongeBob SquarePants and all his friends (and even some one-sided enemies) have joined Brawlhalla!

Do some kah-rah-tay with SpongeBob SquarePants – Brawlhalla’s first ever Mythic Crossover! He’s joined by 2 new Epic Crossovers – Patrick Star, who is ready to go jellyfishing and Sandy Cheeks, who will lasso any opponent in her way! All three Crossover characters include unique Weapon Skins, custom Signature FX, new Legend Select animations, and dedicated roster spots.

Patch 8.02 is also stacked with new additions including the long-awaited PlayStation Cross Inventory coming this Friday: December 1st, 2 new Challenges added to the Challenges Preview, a Balance Pass, and many more Game Improvements & Bug Fixes!

From Bikini Bottom to Valhalla! SpongeBob makes a splash as the first ever Mythic Crossover! Mythic Crossovers are a new tier of Crossovers that includes everything an Epic Crossover has, with additional features to make them feel even more like the original IP. In the case of SpongeBob, these include custom light Attack animations and dynamic costumes.

Patrick & Sandy also join the Grand Tournament as Epic Crossovers. All Crossover characters feature unique Weapon Skins, custom Signature FX, new lock-in animations, and dedicated roster spots.

More residents from under the sea have also arrived, including The Flying Dutchman Sidekick, King Jellyfish KO Effect, Squidward Emoji, and many more favorites. Find all of these and more SpongeBob content in Mallhalla.

All items will remain in Mallhalla after the event ends.

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