Publisher Entergram is bringing the HOOKSOFT-developed romance visual novel PriministAr to the Switch in Japan on March 28th, 2024. There will be a standard physical release for 7,678 yen, along with a 10,978 yen limited edition that includes a B2-size tapestry and the original soundtrack CD. Last but not least, a bundle containing both PriministAr and Strawberry Nauts will be available for 13,178 yen.

At this time, there’s no word on a localization for PriministAr, nor do we know if the digital version will include an English language option. Should those details become available, we’ll certainly bring the news to you. For now, you can read a description of the story for PriministAr below.

It was a beautiful spring afternoon, and the melodies from the music room and the shouts from the athletic clubs filled the air. Each club has recruited their new members, and everybody was excited for the upcoming school year. In particular, the boys in the culture department were devising a (stupid) plot to make it mandatory for all girl members to wear school swimwear. Of course, all the girls were vehemently against the idea and chased all the guys out. The remaining boy was Haruchika, who was planning to join the tiny handicraft club. Thus begins his lively days in the handicraft club surrounded by girls.

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