Imagineer has announced that combined sales of the Fitness Boxing series have reached 2.5 million units worldwide. Unfortunately, we don’t get a breakdown of sales per region, nor do we know how many units of each game in the series have been sold.

The Fitness Boxing series includes Fitness Boxing and Fitness Boxing 2: Rhythm & Exercise, plus a variety of spin-offs both released and in the works. Last we heard, the combined sales of the first and second mainline Fitness Boxing games had reached 2 million, so it appears the series continues to find new fans with each passing month.

The most recently-released title in the Fitness Boxing series is Fitness Boxing: Fist of the North Star, which is set to get new DLC on Dec. 5th, 2023. We also recently learned that Fitness Boxing feat. Hatsune Miku: Isshoni Exercise is in the works, but that has only been announced for Japan at this time.


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