Pretty much since the inception of microtransactions in games, players have pushed back in one way or another. Some of those players have felt that the pay-to-play/win setup has completely ruined experiences and unfairly preys on customers, and it appears the situation is only getting worse.

The latest target of a microtransaction lawsuit is Take-Two Interactive, with the publisher being accused of theft in a class-action lawsuit. The lawsuit in particular claims that Take-Two’s NBA 2K franchise is “unfair, illegal and greedy” when it comes to virtual currency, as players can’t transfer over purchased currency from an older version of the game to a newer one.

The lawsuit goes on to say Take-Two makes matters worse by turning off services for older games, as that means the currency is left completely inaccessible to players. In particular, the plaintiff says these practices violate California’s civil theft statutes. Take-Two is yet to comment on the lawsuit.


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