Crashy Laps steers onto Switch today

Shut up and drive

30 November 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

JanduSoft has announced that the arcade racing game ‘Crashy Laps’, created by the solodev CheapeeSoft Games, will launch on Switch today in North America. In Europe, the game will launch on December 14th, 2023.

🏎️ Dynamic Racing Experience 💨

Engage in heart-pounding races with aggressive driving, collisions, and challenging tracks that will put your skills to the test. Explore Candy Lands, Alpine Bridge, Silver Dunes, and Frosty Way, each with its own unique settings and challenges. Customize your racing experience with different camera views, engine sounds, and car colors, making each race uniquely yours.

🏎️ Local Multiplayer Madness 💨

Gather your friends for intense local multiplayer races, supporting up to 4 players for a chaotic and fun-filled gaming experience. From Time Trials and Quick Races to Grand Prix and Championships, Crashy Laps offers a variety of competitions to showcase your racing prowess.


  • 4 Settings for each part of day: Morning, Midday, Evening and Night.
  • 3 kind of Competitions: Time Trial, Grand Prix and Championship.
  • 4 Areas with their settings: road grip, environment, …
  • 4 Tracks for each Area: 16 different tracks.
  • 3 AI Difficulties: Novice, Professional or Expert.
  • Customization: customize car colors and number/name.

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