The THING comes to Pinball M today

Here's the thing...

30 November 2023
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Can you trust anyone, even yourself? Fans will find out soon, as Zen Studios’ new pinball experience, Pinball M, releases for Switch today.

Zen Studios, in collaboration with Universal Products & Experiences, has revealed The THING Pinball as the final table in the hard-hitting launch lineup for Pinball M. In an immersive and suspenseful experience, The THING Pinball table follows the plot of Universal Pictures’ thrilling 1982 cult-classic film. Players will immerse themselves in a thrilling and suspenseful world inspired by the film and use their pinball skills to battle against the shape-shifting alien set in the arctic tundra of U.S. Outpost #31.

Players will be challenged to survive the vicious attack of the Dog-Thing by shooting its tentacles. It’s Bennings! Players will not only be able to watch him transform but then torch what he becomes.

Players will collect blood samples and shoot the reagent cartridge to reveal the impostor. We found something in the ice! Players will lock, then bust open the balls for BURIED IN ICE multi-ball.

Players will rig their own TNT to blow up the base and The Thing in a wild Wizard Mode. “The THING Pinball is an authentic homage to the 1982 film, and features original clips from the film itself,” said Mel Kirk, COO of Zen Studios. “It gives long-time horror fans a go-to table in Pinball M, and completes our extraordinary line-up for launch.”

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