Looking for an interesting twist on your average dating sim? This might be for you! Motesolo: No Girlfriend Since Birth puts you in the middle of a K-Drama, except you get to make the decisions. You can check out Motesolo: No Girlfriend Since Birth on Switch starting today.

Motesolo: No Girlfriend Since Birth is an interactive movie game, uniquely produced to place you directly into a scene from a Korean drama, featuring events that branch out and send you to one of multiple endings.

Based on the information gathered while interacting with various in-game features, players may sympathize with Kimo as he tries to win over his date, Yumi Kim, or they can intentionally mess things up. Enjoy the various events your choices bring about!

Blind dates lead to all sorts of choices. Is the choice that leads to a favorable impression the correct one? The simplest of choices can lead to unexpected outcomes. Interact with your surroundings! Who knows what new info or items you might find by investigating this café, the scene of our blind date. Check out all the apps on Kimo’s phone too. The parodies and Easter eggs hidden within are an added bonus. Will this blind date end in success or failure? Or, could this be the beginning of a true relationship? See what ending you unlock for yourself! Extra Content

Watch the daily lives of the characters who immerse you in the story, bloopers and behind-the-scenes takes that bring the filming location to life, and more, all provided to let you delve 200% into this story-packed game.

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