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30 November 2023
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Embark on a thrilling dark fantasy adventure with Thy Creature, now available for gamers on Nintendo Switch!

Thy Creature is set to captivate audiences worldwide, with the North American, Japanese, Korean, and Hong Kong releases on November 30th, followed by the European release on December 18th, 2023. To celebrate the Nintendo Switch launch, a special 30% discount is available until December 21st, 2023!

With a Successful Kickstarter Project in April 2021, the dark horror story is now ready to launch a new thrilling adventure, based on the work of Mary Shelley’s opus, ‘Frankenstein: Or the Modern Prometheus’. Players can enjoy a compelling story through puzzle elements and a barrage game system, and test their dodging skills and resistance to seizures!

MazM has created a special kind of adventure in which the badly injured creatures manage to escape from humans and fulfill their most fervent wish by entering a tower that promises them all of these things. Players can dive into the scenic world through unique graphics that MazM is so well known for.

“THY CREATURES” is an immersive story-driven game where the Nameless Creature, severely wounded and pursued by humans, seeks refuge in a mysterious tower. Within the confines of this enigmatic structure, the boundaries between reality and memories blur, compelling the Creature to confront its deepest desires.

With only a single, daring wish in its heart, the Creature embarks on a treacherous ascent of the tower, a place where reality and memories intertwine in eerie harmony. Your mission is to aid the Creature in its escape from the maze-like labyrinth and the haunting barricades, remnants of its own memories, as it strives to reach the pinnacle of the twisted tower.

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