Apex Legends ends the Kill Code saga with the Uprising Collection Event! Kicking off Dec 5th, you’ll fight in the new 30v30 Revenant Uprising LTM as a Legend or as Revenant’s army.

After the initial week, Revenant Uprising will be exclusive to weekends, where you’ll get an Account Level XP boost while playing the LTM! Plus, get a damage credit boost of 1.5x toward your Prestige Skin Challenges when you play any mode, during the entire Uprising Event!

Complete 4 different Weekly Rewards Tracks with cosmetics and unique Gameplay Powerups for non-ranked BR, including Health Item Vision and Reduced Ultimate Cooldowns. Don divine armaments with 24 limited-time themed cosmetics. Collect all 24 Uprising cosmetics before the event ends to get Loba’s new Prestige Skin “Apex Lycanthrope”–and prove that wolves are deadliest when cornered.

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