Space Junk Seekers out now on Switch

Who said space was empty

01 December 2023
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Space Junk Seekers is an arcade style game where you gather, sell and use space junk to upgrade your build, find secrets and solve mysteries, all while having some really cute visual and character designs.

If you are interested in getting Space Junk Seekers, you can get it here for $1.99!

Steal a mysterious hologram. Quit your job. Dig through humanity’s trash.

  • Gather space junk.
  • Try to sell your space junk.
  • But space junk is also your only weapon?
  • Oh…

Head out into the Trash Expanse in search of Earth’s lost treasures.

  • Survive as long as you can to find better stuff.
  • Shoot rhythmically to build your combos…
  • …Or just panic and press the frankly ludicrous bullet hell overdrive button!
  • Upgrade your clunky old mech with whatever you can find.
  • 4 stages to unlock and mysteries to solve.

A short game set amidst the rubble of a long-dead planet.

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