Developer Orange has announced the mystery visual novel Suspects Room: Keishichou Monzen Sho Torishirabe Han for Switch. The title is slated to launch in Japan sometime this Winter, and it’ll be priced at 1,200 yen. There’s no word on a localization at this time.

The main scenario for Suspects Room: Keishichou Monzen Sho Torishirabe Han is written by Souzou Tonami, the same person behind THE Kanshikikan and THE Suiri. Suspects Room will offer five chapters that bounce between comedic and serious elements. You can see an official story breakdown and more below.

Take down the suspect. In this interrogation room…

Haruka Mano is a young detective who was transferred to the “Interrogation Unit” of the Monzen Station Metropolitan Police Department, which was established on an experimental basis. Together with Woopa, her mascot-like AI companion, she takes on various difficult cases.

—Chapter 1: A Fanatic’s Abnormal Love and Hate

The president of a large company has been kidnapped. A suspect was arrested immediately, but despite admitting to being the culprit, they refuse to reveal the company president’s location. What true motive are they hiding?


First, go over the case file. Consult with the other members of your unit and determine a course of action. From there, interview witnesses, visit to the scene of the crime, and so on to gather further information.

Then, use the information you gathered and your reasoning to take down the suspect in the interrogation room!


  • Planning / Direction: Daisuke Kainuma
  • Main Scenario: Souzou Tonami (High Volume)
  • Main Illustrator: Sena Tenryouji
  • Sub Illustrator: Satsuki Koga, Hitomi Uemoto
  • Background Music: Sakumamatata
  • Sound Effects: Ogawa Sound (Tetsuhiro Ogawa)

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