RedDeer.Games, one of the biggest and most prosperous indie game developers announced Uzzuzzu My Pet: Golf Dash, a humorous new game set in the crazy world of South Korea’s adorable pets. The wacky golf tournament will be available on the Switch eShop today.

In the vivid world of Uzzuzzu pals, nothing is as obvious as it seems, in fact… sometimes everything stands on its head. Thus in the Uzzuzzu My Pet: Golf Dash, players will be swept away to completely extraordinary locations, to play golf they never imagined.

In this fabulous world, the usual and boring golf ball can be anything one desires! Pizza, egg or maybe sausage – there is no limit to the imagination here!

Is it possible to play golf using a fish? Yes – but such a ball will still behave a bit like a fish. Playing with a variety of unusual objects will make it very difficult for players to master them and hit a hole like in traditional golf….. Apart from additional hardships like traps and obstacles, which will further increase the challenge.

On more than 70 diverse and completely atypical “golf courses” there will be numerous traps and even funny scenarios to add variety to the fun. Running away from an enormous basketball or defending friends from danger as a hot dog is just a foretaste of the entertainment that awaits players in Uzzuzzu My Pet: Golf Dash.

Animal friends Uzzuzzu My Pet are once again inviting Nintendo Switch players to embark on a unique and playful adventure. This time, four adorable characters – Boo the puppy, the elegant feline Tara, the party soul Golden Retriever Kung, and the funny Persian Ta – will challenge players’ sporting and entertainment skills in the ridiculous golf simulation.

Uzzuzuu My Pet: Golf Dash will be available on Nintendo Switch consoles on the first of December.

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