Nintendo spent 7 years putting together The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Thousands of hours were poured into enemy designs, puzzle creation, weapon tweaking, you name it. It’s an incredible amount of work that a massive team worked unbelievable hard on, and the end result certainly shows that.

For every boss battle and major story moment, there are also countless elements in Tears of the Kingdom that many will never interact with. One such example is the set design throughout the game, specifically the various bits of furniture strewn throughout Hyrule. How many times have you stopped to actually look at the tables, chairs, beds and more that help make Hyrule feel like a home?

Not surprisingly, ridiculously talented creator Any Austin (friend of the site!) is one of those people who stops to smell the digital roses. Not only did they set out to appreciate the woodworkings of Hyrule, they also brought in furniture expert Eden Klinger to get the real lowdown on whether Nintendo came up with designs that make sense in the real world. You might be surprised with what they discover!

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