The Octopus Arcade Fight Stick is not your average gaming controller. It combines TR’s unique design philosophy with the latest in controller technology. This fight stick is tailor-made for the retro gaming community seeking nostalgia as well as modern functionality.

Inspired by the ergonomic Vewlix layout, designed for lengthy gaming, the fight stick features changeable artwork for personal flair. Additionally, non-slip padding ensures the controller is comfortable and stays put during intense gaming sessions.

The TR Fight Stick LLC was founded by Yunus Emre in 2018 and is based in Istanbul, Turkey. TR is known for its precision quality fight sticks and arcade accessories. Yunus is an ex-stuntman and action director known for his work in James Bond’s Skyfall. He applied his action-packed background to designing controllers that are perfect for combat gameplay, ensuring they’re both functional and a joy to play with.

Tech specs:

  • Compatible with Dreamcast, Switch, Saturn, PS, PC, MiSTer, and more platforms TBA!
  • Integration of a modern Dreamcast VMU with a backlit display.
  • Analogue and Digital Mode (DP/LS Mode).
  • Activate Turbo button for turbocharged game sequences.
  • Start button on the rear and a Tournament Lock Switch to prevent unauthorized changes.

It offers a built-in next-gen backlit VMU and 10 separate internal memory cards. You can swiftly swap the VMU’s with a combo of buttons.

Check out the IndieGoGo campaign for the Octopus Arcade Fight Stick here.

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