Hazelnut Hex has been updated to Ver. 1.1. You can see the patch notes for this update below.

  • Touched up art
  • Cursor memory in certain menus
  • Choice of bomb quantity in level select
  • “How to play” section added to menu
  • “Hold shoot and bomb to skip” added to dialogue
  • Dialogue can be turned off
  • Dialogue auto-advance can be turned off
  • Japanese
  • Bigger super beam
  • Bigger charge shots
  • Bigger projectiles for shot types A and B
  • Faster movement speeds for shot types A and B
  • More damage for point blanking
  • Ghost wall at beginning of stage 4 no longer shoots at Nat in normal mode
  • Less random bullets in phase 1 of Jules fight
  • Vertical bullets in phase 1 of Vivian fight
  • Less random beam shots from Dave
  • More nuts
  • More stars
  • Can view high scores from menu
  • More explosions from defeated enemies
  • New bonus for defeating bosses without use of the charge shot
  • A couple more names in the credits
  • Extra hitbox visibility option
  • Shifted layers for better bullet visibility
  • Slightly louder “ding” when charge shot is charged
  • UI fades when Nat is flying under it
  • Charge shot tip in stage 1
  • More wall bullets in Cass, Vivian, and Lamona boss fights for bigger cancels
  • Nuts go to Nat when using the super beam
  • Default starting bombs is 3
  • Screen tells you high score is already saved if changing level during credits

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