Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion has been updated. You can see the patch notes for this update below.

New Features

  • Silencer weapon now has the laser sight dot in the center of the crosshair when you’re close to anything like the original version of the game.
  • When selecting a new game or load game from the title menu and cheats have been used a notification popup asks the player if they want to disable cheats.
  • Cheats not obtained yet will display as ????? in the secrets menu.
  • Save slots now show if that slot has used cheats.
  • Missing cheats added: All Keys, Chapter Warps.
  • Achievement Menu now shows a progress bar.
  • Some Mummite enemies in “The Drain, and “The Dam” will now use their previously unused rolling attack.

Critical Fixes

  • The player can no longer exit out of the character select menu by pressing +


  • The Napalm Cannon weapon will no longer auto switch to a new weapon when firing the last shot.
  • Limit players’ view spring within the bottom and top of the player’s collision.
  • All the Cerebral Bore projectils will attach to enemies’ heads much more easily.
  • The player can no longer trigger Danielle’s exit warp in the level “Rooftop Journey” if the player is falling to their death.
  • Dead enemies on top of platform objects will no longer trigger the platform.
  • Invincibility cheat now works correctly.
  • A message is now displayed at the top of the screen in the Secrets menu if cheats have been enabled to indicate to the player that achievement progress is disabled.
  • Mummite enemy shockwave attack can only damage the player.
  • Inputs for skipping a cinema and the credits are now consistent.
  • A line is now drawn under the titles in the credits.
  • Items in the Inventory menu are now sorted.
  • Fixes to the level data if the player loaded a save from a level that has since been modified.
  • Enemies will now still continue to move and target the player when the game is in the CAMERA VIEW state (keeping with original game behavior).
  • Players can no longer jump right away after loading the next level.
  • Fixed Firestorm end shot sfx from playing when the game is in the CAMERA VIEW state.
  • Fixed levels so players could not get out of bounds.
  • The Oblivion High Priest enemies in the level “Welcoming Committee” will no longer exit out of their shocked state when the player is nearby.
  • PSG weapons no longer get bigger when Big Head mode is on.

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