Welcome, Valley Villagers… to Eternity Isle! Get dressed in your best explorer outfit, pick your most adventurous animal companion, and pack a few pumpkins for good measure. You have an incredible journey ahead of you when Disney Dreamlight Valley: A Rift in Time launches next week on December 5th!

While the Valley is no stranger to Night Thorns, villains, or peculiar potatoes, it looks like there’s a disturbance in town. This time, though, it’s in the form of Time Anomalies and… a hologram of Jafar?! You’ll start your new Quest in this expansion with an investigation in the Plaza, where you’ll receive an invitation to visit Eternity Isle. It looks like Jafar’s been cooking up his own brand of trouble while you’ve been dealing with the Forgetting. Though the Isle may seem far away, the Dream Castle has been hiding the secret to getting there all this time. Have a chat with Merlin to uncover a magical new area that will grant you access to this land that’s been lost to time.

Of course, arriving on the Isle is the easy part and some friendly faces will also brave the journey to help! Discover new recipes with Remy to keep you energized, build a Stall for Goofy so you can cultivate exotic new fruit, and even set up shop for Scrooge McDuck. What, you thought he wouldn’t find a way to capitalize on your adventure?

Even though Night Thorns haven’t taken over the Isle, you’ll contend with new, equally meddlesome phenomena. Time Rifts and Swirling Sands can be found on your Quest to discover every nook and cranny of this new land, but you’ll have some new tools to help.

Arriving on the shores of Eternity Isle, the first new Biome you will explore is Ancient’s Landing. Once a port town that used to host an ancient civilization, you’ll find it in ruins—likely due to experiments on the manipulation of time. Breathe new life into it by rebuilding a marketplace or by moving your Villager’s homes over!

The next two Biomes to explore used to be one, but are now split in half by a time dilation caused by Jafar’s experiments. Will you choose to travel to the desert sands of the Glittering Dunes, or beat the heat in the lush and verdant Wild Tangle? Expect to find new challenges and secret areas in each Biome—as well as plenty of space to transform them into a new home for you and your Villagers!

Each Biome comes with its own unique flora and fauna. This means new decorative plants and rocks await the avid decorator, and new vegetables and fruits await the Valley foodies. Each Biome also features a new animal critter, with different color variants, that would love to join you as your next animal companion!

Previewed in the Showcase, your magical toolbox is getting an upgrade! Disney Dreamlight Valley: A Rift in Time introduces the Royal Hourglass—a Tool of equally incredible beauty and function. You’ll find this relic of times past on Eternity Isle, and once equipped, it will empower you with a new form of magic that’s bound to help you overcome obstacles, hunt for treasure, and even craft new objects!

Speaking of crafting, you’ll also find a new way to create items on the Isle: the Time Bending Station! Combining the magic of your Royal Hourglass with this station will allow you to create Quest items, Ancient Machines, and other exciting objects to help you on your journey, and of course, decorate your Valley. You’ll also be able to upgrade your Royal Hourglass here, so don’t forget to visit from time to time!

But wait—what’s an Ancient Machine, you say? Using technology from the Isle’s mysterious past, you’ll be able to increase your efficiency around the Valley. These Machines will not only help you cook faster but also automate gardening and other tasks so that you can maximize the “pumpkin to pumpkin puff” pipeline.

In addition to the familiar faces you’ll encounter on your travels through the Isle, this expansion introduces a cast of new Villagers to befriend and discover new stories with:

  • EVE joins you as the ever-watchful guardian of the Royal Hourglass. You’ll need to gain her trust before she grants you access to it—and it’s going to take more than a plant in a boot to win her over. Of course, with every Villager in the Valley, you’ll unlock their own unique and exciting Friendship Quest storylines, and EVE’s begins with a grand reunion with WALL·E.

  • While exploring Eternity Isle, you’ll also discover Rapunzel and a very thirsty Gaston. Help one rediscover their love for painting, and treat the other to a non-egg-based meal. Doing so will gain you another two new companions for the journey ahead (we’ll leave it up to you to figure out who is who).

While Act 1 of Disney Dreamlight Valley: A Rift in Time will bring 3 new Villagers to players’ Valleys, you can expect additional Characters to be added as the expansion story continues. There will be two additional acts released in 2024, bringing new Villagers, stories, and surprises!

New friends, places, critters, and stories await you on Eternity Isle—but that’s not all! Gameloft is introducing a brand-new way to strengthen your Friendships with your favorite Villagers: Scramblecoin!

This easy to learn but difficult to master board game can be played with your Villagers and includes a wide range of Disney and Pixar characters as game pieces that ensure every game you play is unique. Collectors can also rejoice—you’ll be able to discover and craft new game pieces with their own attributes and abilities using the Time Bending Station.

Gameloft is so excited to see everyone’s enthusiasm for the Disney Dreamlight Valley: A Rift in Time expansion pass and intend to celebrate the first players to land on Eternity Isle’s shores! All expansion pass owners who check their in-game mailbox from December 5 to December 12 will be able to claim two exclusive bonuses—a Jester Monkey and a royal costume.

Additionally, ALL players who check their in-game mailbox between December 5 and December 19 will be able to claim two more exclusives—a Dreamlight Gaming Chair and a Dreamlight Valley’s Savior Jacket.

See you in the Valley, and on the Isle!

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