Fortnite hits 100 million active users in Nov. 2023

I'm sweating just thinking about it

01 December 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

If Epic had any worries about returning to Fortnite’s original season for a month, the results they’ve seen made those fears melt away instantly.

Fortnite achieved multiple records throughout the month of November, all thanks to the launch of the month-long OG Season. The game saw a record 44 million players log in for a session in a single day, along with a record of 6+ million concurrent players. Now yet another milestone has been achieved.

Epic confirmed that as of this week, Fortnite managed to reach 100 million active users for the month of November. That is a figure that Fortnite never reached even in its most popular early days, which just goes to show how popular the title remains, and how good of a job the OG Season did in wooing lapsed players back.

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