Microsoft has made it very clear that they believe the path forward for them in the game industry is through Game Pass. With multiple streaming services raking in big bucks in recent years, you can understand why Microsoft sees that as the way to greater success.

Over the years, Microsoft has opened up on their plans for Game Pass, including the efforts to bring it to just about everything that uses a screen. That sentiment was most recently echoed by Xbox’s CFO Tim Stuart, who just spoke at length about Game Pass at the Wells Fargo TMT Summit.

Stuart specifically said that it’s Microsoft’s mission to “bring first-party experiences [and] subscription services to every screen that can play games.” Stuart took things further by saying that meant PlayStation and Nintendo hardware as well. Now, just a couple of days later, Microsoft is singing a different tune.

While CFO Tim Stuart wants Game Pass on Nintendo hardware, Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer feels differently. In an interview with Windows Central, Spencer didn’t mince words about the potential for Game Pass on other platforms.

“I’ll start by saying we have no plans to bring Game Pass to PlayStation or Nintendo. It’s not in our plans.”

[Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer]

How did Microsoft’s CFO and CEO get things so mixed up about the company’s message? That’s not for us to figure out, but it’s clear there needs to be a bit more communication within Microsoft to deliver a unified message.

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8M ago

More PR bullshit from Spencer. Of course they want GP on everything they can! The more subscribers the more money! Logic 101. Problem is that Nintendo and Playstation do NOT want one of their biggest competitors into their ecosystem. They want most gamers to download games from the eShop, purchase physical games and subscribe to their own subscription service. Why the flying fuck would they let GP ruin that?
Yeah, sure, tehy would a get from MS if GP was on Nintendo or Playstation platforms, but the real big winner would be Xbox/GP in the end while the other see losses.


8M ago


Just a difference between “wanting” and actively “planning” imo. Of course they want Gamepass everything, but obviously they can’t be planning for Gamepass on platforms that won’t allow it.

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8M ago

They would want Game Pass on Sega Genesis and microwaves and the Las Vegas Sphere if they could make it happen. What they want and what they have planned is a matter of logistics.


8M ago


Doesn't mean they aren't planning a way to persuade them into letting it happen. Remember this is MS who wanted to "just" purchase Nintendo! They have the money and it must hurt them not getting what they want.


8M ago

It's funny they say "no plans" as if Nintendo would let them.

Whatever the case, Nintendo and Sony will refuse it still.


8M ago


Of course they will, for reasons I mentioned above. It's always all about the money.

I am, though, pretty sure that some id...people at NOA would give it a go, but NOJ would perhaps not laugh at MS so much as they did back then, but would tell then "NO!"


8M ago

Hey Microsoft, just license the how-to to Nintendo them to put their games on their own system.