Back when Universal Studios Japan was working on Super Nintendo World, we were inundated with overhead shots of the park being built. We saw pictures of the big plot of land, fly-over footage of familiar imagery, and eventually the fully-completed park. Now it’s time to do that all over again with Donkey Kong!

As you most likely know, Universal Studios Japan is adding in a Donkey Kong park to their Super Nintendo World attractions, and the star of the show will be a Donkey Kong rollercoaster. Universal Studios Japan has been hard at work on this new section of park for awhile, and now we’re starting to see some points of interest we can recognize.

People at Universal Studios Japan can now see one of the Donkey Kong temples looming over the trees, and you can get the same view in the video above. We have no idea when exactly this new park will open, but it definitely seems like construction is motoring along. We’ll keep an eye out for more sneak peeks as the months roll on!

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7M ago

You can see a mine cart going by, it's only a matter of time before they do previews it looks like.