Just a couple of weeks back, Nintendo announced that both GoldenEye and Jet Force Gemini were joining the Switch Online Expansion Pack in Japan. Both titles were made available Pack members on Nov. 30th, 2023, and they also ushered in a special version of the Switch Online app as well.

In Japan, the launch of GoldenEye and Jet Force Gemini on Switch brought with them an “18+” version of the Switch Online N64 app. This is due to GoldenEye being rated CERO Z, which requires restricted access in Japan to release. This also meant the Switch N64 app version of GoldenEye may be the very first CERO Z title published by Nintendo.

Now we know that the exact same situation is going to take place in Australia as well, which is another part of the world that has considerably strict rules and regulations on mature gaming content. The Switch Online 18+ version of the Expansion Pack app has been rated by the Aussie Classification Board, which means we should see it arrive soon. (h/t VGC)

As GoldenEye is already available in Australia, it’s not clear what game(s) will use this app in Australia. Jet Force Gemini was originally rated appropriate for those 11 and older, so it would seem odd for the game to get bumped up to 18+ for its Switch re-release. We’ll keep our eyes peeled for future 18+ legacy content and let you know if anything is discovered.


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7M ago

There's probably only 1 game that could make it to an N64 M App in North America. I doubt that'll happen here. Maybe it'll happen elsewhere, though.


7M ago

PLEASE let this be for Perfect Dark and/or Conker’s BFD!
I was very surprised when Jet Force Gemini was announced. Next to Conker, that was the Rare game I least expected to come to NSO. Well, along with maybe Blast Corps lol. We still need Banjo-Tooie, DKR and DK64 though

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7M ago

About time they brought back Daikatana!


7M ago

Sadly this is bad reporting from VGC... Australia didn't get a R18 for videogames until 2013, so every single N64 game was rated at most MA15+.. so titles like Conker and such..

Also, the rating is IRAC, which is legit just a form and once you submit it, it sends to dozens of countries, so Brazil might get it rated soon.


7M ago

Fingers crossed for Resident Evil 2. And not even that would be considered 18+ in Germany anymore.