The Game Awards 2023 'Hype' Trailer

Thursday can't come soon enough

03 December 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 4

Thursday, The Game Awards streams live! Tune in at 7:30 PM ET for a night of awards, new game announcements, musical performances and so much more. Geoff Keighley hosts live from Peacock Theater in Los Angeles.

Ahead of this year’s Game Awards, Geoff Keighley has once again cut a trailer showcasing the many, many titles that have been nominated for this year’s show. From Game of the Year to Best Indie Game and more, a wide variety of titles are up for some big wins. The trailer above gives you a look at pretty much everything that’s in the running in order to build some hype.

We’ll be watching The Game Awards live, and we’ll make sure to bring you news of Switch games that take home wins, along with reveals of new Switch games and more.

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Comments (4)


7M ago

The one and only interesting thing about this "award" show is still the announcements. Anyone here watch for the "awards" at all?


7M ago


Not watching that puppet show at all. The announcements are posted a few minutes later everywhere else annyways so I'm not missing out by not watching.


7M ago

Hype? Don't make me laugh!


7M ago


Exactly! I have to get up early the next day (they will be airing this circus from 1:30 AM here) so guess I'll save me some hours and just watch the announcements later.