Publisher dramatic create and developer Cabbage Soft have announced that their Visual novel Amairo Chocolate will be released on March 28th, 2024, for the Nintendo Switch.

About the game (via Gematsu):

The young girls who work at Cafe Setalia are actually therianthropes in disguise.

In this sweet romance adventure game, the main character comes to learn their secret, and works together with the girls at the cafe.

Switch Version Added Content

New Reward Illustrations – New reward stills drawn by original image illustrators Shiratama and Riko Korie have been added! Fully-Realized System – The fun operation system includes functionality such as voice save, that allows you to save your favorite voices and listen to them at any time. Supported Languages – Japanese, English, and Chinese (Simplified Chinese / Traditional Chinese) language support. (Voice-overs are in Japanese only.)


Welcome to Sippo Cafe.


With the leaves just starting to change color, a boy arrives at Yunagi Village. The first person he meets is a girl handing out flyers—a cute, cat-eared waitress.

“P-Please come to Cafe Setalia! We hope to see you!”

Guided in by the waitress, he enters the shop and encounters another like-eared girl. Thinking his reaction to her was strange, she asks the boy:

“Can you, perhaps, see these ears?”

The girls were in fact therianthropes, she said. Normal humans couldn’t see their ears and tails. Now that he knows their secret, the boy is roped into working together with them at the cafe.

He’ll soon discover all the strange and interesting difference between their races. Just another day at the Cafe Setalia.

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