Mythwalk Studios announced that the crowdfunding campaign for Dewborne Dawn has launched on Kickstarter. The upcoming action-adventure Metroidvania takes place in the last remaining haven of a world beset by a dire curse where players explore, fight, and make new allies as they prove to the survivors that hope still exists, in the form of a small, mysterious creature. Dewborne Dawn is slated to launch in 2025 on Steam and Nintendo Switch™.

In Dewborne Dawn, players take on the role of Dew, a mystical creature wielding a divine blade which has the rare ability to cleanse this plague. Explore the remnants of this world and discover the mysteries behind this curse and how to fight back against it. Jump, dash, and carve out your own path forward in this non-linear adventure featuring multiple ways to progress at every opportunity. Discover powerful artifacts that add new abilities to your arsenal, opening up new areas to investigate. Embark on an immersive journey, but be mindful, not all survivors view you as a hero.

The culture and lore of Dewborne Dawn plays a key role in gameplay, and building relationships with the characters you meet along the way will prove to be advantageous on your quest. These allies can be recruited to your party and provide many unique boons to the gameplay experience. While they certainly add an extra layer to each battle, they aren’t just combat tools. Each member has a deep connection with the lore of the world and in the narrative of Dew’s journey, with their own stories to tell, and their own conflicts that need resolution. However, when it does come to combat, every single ally can be summoned in battle to provide you some extra assistance, and attempting to befriend them all will be more than beneficial to your cause.

Features of Dewborne Dawn include:

A hand-drawn Metroidvania created from a passionate team as a love letter to the adventures we grew up with, such as Hollow Knight, Sekiro, Dust: An Elysian Tail, and the Legend of Zelda games.

Responsive Combat - Fight your way through the Spiritblight, a mysterious force that corrupts all mortal life it infects. Create free-flowing combos with a variety of attacks, specials, and maneuvers.

Flexible Approach - Go straight for the opponent’s health bar, or choose to break the opponent’s stamina instead to perform flashy One-Hit KO moves!

Immersive and Open 2D World - Adventure into a new realm, full of deep, atmospheric storytelling. Explore ancient ruins steeped in mystery, discover the magical artifacts of the original architects, and converse with the various inhabitants spread throughout.

Befriend Survivors - Meet a plethora of colorful characters that survived the Spiritblight invasion. Learn their stories and aspirations, and help them resolve their own conflicts. Recruit them after gaining their trust, and summon them into battle to help you in a myriad of ways.

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