It’s that time of the year! As streets and shops fill with holiday lights, you may have found yourself considering whether to put up some decor up at home too. It’s so hard to decide what the best lights are, isn’t it? Fortunately, Pikmin got you covered: starting today, seedlings found at Appliance Stores will grow not only into “Battery” Decor Pikmin, but also into “Fairy Lights” Decor Pikmin! Find their seedlings and grow them to add a touch of light to your squad!

And that’s not all! Starting today, you’ll also be able to find a new kind of mushroom when you’re out on your walks: the Electric Mushroom! Being resistant to electricity, Yellow Pikmin are the best equipped Pikmin to tackle them.

To spice things up a bit, Electric Mushrooms will be appearing more often than usual on the following weekends. Be sure to use these opportunities to try your hand at destroying them!

  • December 9th & 10th
  • December 16th & 17th
  • December 23rd & 24th

With the exception of special rate up events like the above, Electric Mushroom will appear at the same frequency as other types of Special Mushrooms.

From December 9th 0:00 local time to December 24th 23:59, the amount of times that you can use your Mushroom Battle Bullhorn per day will increase to up to 3 times a day. Call your friends from near and far and enjoy destroying Mushrooms together to send 2023 off on a high note!

Fairy Lights Decor Pikmin grow from seedlings found at Appliance Stores marked with the same icon as Battery Decor Pikmin. After the event ends, seedlings found at Appliance Stores will continue to grow into either Battery or Fairy Lights Decor Pikmin, at random.

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