Attention Salmon Runners! Are you getting cooked by Salmonids and falling short of quotas? Making it through Salmon Run shifts can take a great deal of ink, sweat, and tears. Luckily for you, Splats & Strats is dedicated to making this important job more enjoyable (and survivable) for you and your co-workers. Whether you’re a new recruit aiming for a promotion or a seasoned employee who revels in mandatory overtime, this issue of Splats & Strats has something for you!

Inspired by video game instruction booklets and magazines from my childhood, Splats & Strats is an unofficial introduction, guide, and tribute to Splatoon 3’s Salmon Run mode. You can expect a fresh array of illustrations by several artists, comprehensive information about Salmon Run, and a plethora of tips for smoking salmonids and clearing shifts.

The Kickstarter goal for Splats & Strats: A Salmon Run-Themed Instruction Booklet sits at $6k, and if this seems like a project you’d want to support, you can throw some cash at the idea right here.

UPDATE: The Kickstarter for Splats & Strats: A Salmon Run-Themed Instruction Booklet has reached its goal, so the project will officially see release. If you’d like to keep tabs on this project as it moves into production, you can find the full details here.

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