Update 6 has been released for Super Mega Baseball 4. You can see the patch notes for this update below.

New Accessibility Features:

  • Speech-to-text chat and text-to-speech functionality can be enabled via the new Accessibility tab in the Options menu (or via Xbox’s settings on Xbox).
  • A new menu narration option that narrates to the accessibility features has been added. Players will receive a one-time prompt about enabling menu narration. The option can then be enabled and disabled from the Accessibility tab.


  • In Online Leagues, CPU teams are now indicated with a unique icon.
  • Minor lighting improvements to Stade Royale have been made.
  • Minor audio improvements have been made.
  • Minor UI improvements have been made.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed: Pitchers with a high arm angle exhibit an abnormal wrist and arm action when pitching from the stretch with runners on base.
  • Fixed: Fielders completely miss a class of catches that look like they should catch, particularly when the fielder turns away from the ball as the ball arrives.
  • Fixed: Pressing the right trigger during a power pitch or while loading a power swing will prematurely end the pitching minigame or prematurely start a swing respectively.
  • Fixed: Making an in-game substitution in between two or more defensive position swaps can leave one or more players in the wrong location on the field for the next pitch.
  • Fixed: When a baserunner is tagging up on a fly ball, holding down the advance all button slightly before the ball is caught can lead to the baserunner ignoring the input.
  • Fixed: The CPU can still inadvertently leave a pitcher in the starting rotation in to pitch after using the pitcher to pinch hit or pinch run.
  • Fixed: CPU fielders with the Cannon Arm trait may throw directly to the cutoff man when their throw is strong enough to go directly to the base.
  • Fixed: The logo editor can crash when attempting to copy a logo after making alternate uniform changes.
  • Fixed: In Franchise, Season, and Elimination modes, uniform selections for CPU teams do not persist in midgame saves and the default home or away uniform is always used instead.
  • Fixed: In Franchise mode, the League Leaders screen only presents stats from the latest 10 seasons instead of the lastest 50 seasons.
  • Fixed: In Online Leagues, CPU vs CPU games count towards the league activity measurement shown in the list of Online Leagues.
  • Fixed: Game crashes after finding a Pennant Race or Online League match while in the middle of a Shuffle Draft for another Online League.
  • Fixed: When in a Shuffle Draft with an online party, the game can crash when one player is on the roster view and another player picks someone other than the top left choice.
  • Fixed: In Franchise mode, the Franchise Sign & Release screen crashes if there are no available position players or no available pitchers and the filter button is pressed to show only players of that missing type.
  • Fixed: The Player Movement screen from the League Editor can still crash in some rare circumstances, particularly in leagues with no free agents.
  • Fixed: The last name “Butterfinger” is not announced by the stadium announcer.
  • Fixed: Minor UI issues.

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