Developers Data Art and MOSS have revealed that Petit Petit Petit will launch for Switch in Japan on Dec. 7th, 2023. The title will be priced at $13, but there’s no word on a localization at this time. You can get a fresh look at Petit Petit Petit via the new trailer above.

Get ready for an exciting and refreshing adventure! In this thrilling game, you will be in charge of manipulating immune cells and medical nanomachines to fight off invading pathogens and save unknown creatures from deadly diseases.

Prepare for epic battles against hordes of enemies and wipe them out using various attack skills accompanied by fun cartoon-like onomatopoeic words. Choose from a variety of immune cells and nanomachines, each with unique equipment and abilities that allow for an infinite number of play styles.

As you take control of the body’s systems, beware of enemy attacks on weak points. Your character will be weakened and vital signs will drop if attacked, so be sure to respond to any SOS signals immediately.

Experience the thrill of skill inflation and power-up production as you evolve your skills with power-up kits. You never know when the “slot game” will activate, increasing the level of your skills or exploding the number of skills you possess. Collect more power-up kits to take on powerful bosses!

Your success in defeating the enemy and saving the unknown creatures depends on your strategy and luck. So, which combination of characters and skills will you choose to kick the enemy’s ass? Get ready to find out!

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