Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. (KONAMI) and WayForward today have announced new details surrounding Contra: Operation Galuga, the hotly anticipated run-‘n’-gun action game that is headed to Nintendo Switch in early 2024. This new information confirms that a robust playable character roster and thrilling narrative will augment the adrenaline-fueled, side-scrolling, action-packed gameplay that the Contra series has been known for since the 1980s.

Building upon the story and protagonists of the original arcade/NES Contra game, the mission in Contra: Operation Galuga kicks off following a meteor shower in the Galuga Archipelago and its subsequent invasion by the Red Falcon terrorist group. After other options fail, the Earth Marine Corps dispatches its most elite soldiers — Bill Rizer and Lance Bean of the Contra unit — to investigate and neutralize any potential threats. As the Story Mode unfolds, more than six hardcore heroes become playable, including:

Bill Rizer: Field leader of the Contra unit, possessing exceptional physical strength, agility, and mental fortitude. Proficient in all manner of armaments and well-versed in military science.

Lance Bean: An expert marksman adept with machinery. Was active as a guerrilla fighter before being recruited into the Earth Marine Corps by Bill Rizer.

Ariana: A tremendously skilled warrior from the Galuga Archipelago. After her village was nearly wiped out by Red Falcon’s attack, she wages a one-woman war against the enemy forces.

Lucia: Deputy commander in the Earth Marine Corps and also a talented field operative. She is equally proficient at combat missions and covert intelligence.

Lt. Stanley Ironside: A veteran who leads an armored platoon in the GX Army. He wears a powered Hercules exosuit to supplement his already formidable combat skills.

Probotector: Autonomous training robots used by the Contra Unit. Utilizing cutting-edge tech, they are every bit as capable in the field as their human counterparts.

In addition to the Story Mode and Arcade Mode, Contra: Operation Galuga will include a Challenge Mode, featuring 30 nail-biting missions to overcome. These include speedrunning through stages, fighting with limited ammo, surviving relentless enemy hordes, and more.

To help even the odds, players can also enhance their capabilities in the Perk Shop, where they can use in-game credits (no microtransactions) to upgrade character abilities, start stages with specific weapons, increase invulnerability after respawning, and gain other helpful bonuses. Up to two Perks can be equipped per player.

Further details about the gameplay, characters, and story of Contra: Operation Galuga will be revealed as the game’s release date draws near.

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