FrostyPop, the developer and publisher behind the unique new fighting game Pillow Champ, is giving the world its first look at the cushioned carnage in action. This brand new teaser trailer offers a first glimpse of the game’s unique fighting styles - as well as showcasing its gorgeous and distinctive art style.

As seen in the trailer above, Pillow Champ features a distinct set of characters and locations. A South Asian grandmother, a non-binary nurse, a campground in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Each character’s movement is informed by a specific cultural touchstone. From old time strongman routines to classic Bollywood movies to Muay Thai to Kendo and everything between. Poetry in motion at your fingertips.

Featuring a narrative penned by Xalavier Nelson Jr. (of El Paso, Elsewhere), Pillow Champ calls back to classics like Street Fighter II with punchy 2.5D action, a range of game modes, and an irreverent, fluffy setting. Enter the Pillow Champ tournament, a series of events and challenges that have altered society. Unravel the mystery of the Pillow Knights, a secret society seeking to drag pillow fighting back into the dark. Clean a car using only acrobatic pillow attacks, as our ancestors always intended.

Pillow Champ will launch on Switch in Spring 2024.


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