Today marks the launch of a very serious competition that has been days in the making at Mojang Studios. You might’ve seen that decorated pots went into testing with a storage function back in November, and today it’s launching into the game. This means that no matter which version of Minecraft you play, no matter which device, you’ll be able to spend between now and forever stuffing your decorated pots with one stack of whatever item you wish!

If you’ve spent your time since the Trails & Tales update brushing for sherds and filling your base’s shelves with decorated pots, then now you can turn those pots into piggy banks! Or weapon caches! Or secret treasure holders! The possibilities are endless, only limited to the fixed amount of items available in Minecraft, which decorated pots can store exactly one stack of.

Place items inside your decorated pots using a hopper, or by right-clicking said pot while holding whatever you wish to store. The fun part is retrieving your items: shatter your decorated pot using projectiles (or by punching them) as broken decorated pots will drop their items. If you prefer to keep your decorated pots unpunched, you can also use a hopper to remove items!

As well as the storage function of decorated pots, you can now spot the retextured bat in the game, too! Bats have been flapping around Minecraft’s caves since 2012, when they were released alongside witches and zombie villagers as part of the Pretty Scary Update.

Now they’ve received an art refresh, so not only do they look less scary more consistent with the rest of the game, but they also have adorably huge bat ears! This retextured passive mob is getting added to Minecraft today – which is why it makes a perfect judge for Top of the Pots!

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