Dead by Daylight’s Bone Chill Event is here to sweep the cruel winds of winter into The Fog, cold enough to freeze the blood in your veins. From December 14th 11AM ET – January 4th 11 AM ET, engage in high-stakes Snowskull fights, pay a visit to the “friendly” snowmen, and marvel at the holiday décor.


Not even the darkest corners of The Entity’s Realms can escape the holiday spirit. The snowy Mount Ormond will undergo a festive transformation, revealing a glimpse of what it might have looked like during happier times.

Similar decorations may or may not have snuck into the Autohaven Wreckers Realm, a place known for its wholesome holiday cheer. After all, the sky is tinted green and there’s plenty of red spattered across the ground.


Snowmen, we hardly knew ye. Last time we saw them, they were – dare we say, adorable? This year, however, let’s just say they’ve seen better days – and that’s putting it mildly. They’re grotesque. They’re disgusting. They’re calling your name, inviting you to seek shelter within their icy innards.

At least, most of them are. Be careful which Snowman you approach – some of them might not be too happy about your presence.


Whether you’re a Killer determined to butcher the Survivor who Pallet stunned you, or a Survivor desperately seeking the Exit Gates because you forgot to confirm where they were, there is one thing that unites them. You guessed it – a shared love for throwing snowballs. Or in this case, Snowskulls.

Pro Tip: It’s all in the name. Take the snow and aim for the skull.

Keep your eye out for piles spawning throughout the Trial, and pick one up to interact with it. You can carry up to 6 Snowskulls at a time, and throw them at your leisure. While it won’t actively damage, injure, or otherwise impede its target – it sure is fun to hit people with wet balls of snow. Snowmen too, for that matter.


Gather around the fireplace for a holiday tale, Dead by Daylight style. Never you mind what’s hung by the chimney with care. A new Event Tome will be available, featuring 3 levels of Challenges to complete. And yes – some of them include hitting people with Snowskulls.

It’s simple: the more Challenges you do, the more Event Currency you earn, which can then be spent on whichever Outfits or Charms you so choose.

Speaking of which…


Receiving the gift of clothes has never felt so good. Use your well-earned Event Currency to unlock Outfits for The Wraith and Jeff Johanssen, Ugly Sweaters for Gabriel Soma, Renato Lyra, and Thalita Lyra, Killer Weapons for The Hillbilly, The Clown, and The Trapper, Frosty Eyes for the Skull Merchant and The Singularity, holiday-themed Charms, and several Player Card customizations.

You ‘ll even unlock rewards for unlocking rewards.


On that note, Behaviour fully intends on spoiling you until you simply do not want to be spoiled anymore. Like a gluttonous holiday feast that only ends when your stomach literally bursts. Only less messy.

By the end of this month you will have more Bloodpoints, Iridescent Shards, and Rift Fragments than any one person has any business having. To be exact, that’s 1 million Bloodpoints and 3K Iridescent Shards.

You’ll even get a Banner and Badge for your Player Cards. All you need to do is login to Dead by Daylight from December 1st to January 4th, and you’ll net yourself a different reward every day.

But that’s not all. For an additional 1 million Bloodpoints and 6K Iridescent Shards, enter the promo code: THANKYOUFOR60M. In total, if you play your cards right, you’ll have enough Shards to unlock an original character. Note that the code and daily rewards end once Bone Chill runs its course.


As any self-respecting horror aficionado knows, the holidays and horror go together like cookies and milk. One need only look at the nutcracker’s cold, dead eyes and gaping, slack-jawed mouth for confirmation.

In the spirit of tradition, the limited-time Holiday Horror Collection will be returning with new Outfits for Jane Romero, Yui Kimura, The Hag, and The Nurse. Behaviour has also got Ugly Sweaters coming for some of The Realm’s new additions: Chucky (The Good Guy) and Ellen Ripley.

Both Collections will be available in the in-game store on December 14th.

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