Astroneer has been updated to Ver. You can see the patch notes for this update below.

Project CHEER Delivery Event

Container wrecks have been spotted on Sylva, Desolo, Calidor, and Glacio surrounded by various toys and debris. Production-minded Astroneers can create fresh toys via the Small Printer using Scrap and other resources.

To get started, print the EXO Request Platform. You can unlock this blueprint on the third page of your Research Catalog and print it with the Medium Printer using 2 pieces of Resin and 1 piece of Ceramic, which is refined from smelting raw Clay. You can find both raw resources on the surface of any planet or extract them using the Soil Centrifuge.

Packaged toys are worth different point amounts when shipped:

  • 20 Points – Automaton 001s & 002s
  • 35 Points – Cubic Objects
  • 50 Points – Stellar Objects
  • 75 Points – Cosmic Baubles (Printable from Small Printer)
  • 125 Points – Astral Figurines (Found on Glacio)

EXO Dynamics rewards packages received with:

  • 1500 Points – Holiday Throwback Bundle

Contains cosmetics rewarded from previous years:

  • Palette: “Carbonated”
  • Emote: “Shiver”
  • Hat: “Seasonal Allure”

3500 Points – Palette: “Rockstar”

10000 Points – Suit: “Hard Suit”

EXO Dynamics supplies useful items and resources along the way to boost your recovery or production efforts. Randomized recurring rewards are available after completing the main event including:

  • Resin, Clay, Graphite
  • Packagers & Dynamite
  • Copper, Iron, Titanium, Tungsten
  • Small Power Items
  • Hydrazine & Jet Packs
  • EXO Chips & Portable Smelters
  • QT-RTGs

Tether Toppers

Multi-colored lights return to adorn the tether lines of intrepid Astroneers! Use them as decorations, in support of your construction projects, or simply enjoy their merry glow.

The following bugs have been fixed as of version

  • AS-16639: The Wanderer Suit should now unlock when playing offline or with poor connection
  • AS-18095: One Time Tooltips are now being saved correctly. Player should no longer see them appear after the item is used
  • AS-18155: Packager’s indicator light, tooltip and behavior are now updating correctly when the state of a resource canister changes while the packager is attached
  • AS-19316: Players should no longer spawn multiple Xenobiology labs
  • AS-19471: Gateways should now provide oxygen
  • AS-19463: If a player quits while in orbit, a new warning pop-up message will alert them about losing save and equipment

Limited Time Events and Missions

  • AS-18855: Completed LTE missions are now being removed from the Rewards section of the Mission Log
  • AS-19038: LTE points should no longer appear to reset after the game is resumed from a console’s rest mode
  • AS-19434: LTE mission prompts should no longer immediately show up in their mission log after landfall
  • AS-19504: During an active LTE, LTE items that the player has not interacted with should no longer disappear entirely on Save/Load

Custom Games

  • AS-19283:Player progression is no longer blocked if players start with no Starting Shelter
  • AS-19322: Setting Starting Bytes to Maximum allowed amount no longer prevents new schematics from being unlocked in the Research Catalogue
  • AS-19356: Cached Custom Games Config data is now correctly saved
  • AS-19367: When starting with No Shelter config, all Players in a MP session should now see the Astroneering Bas(e)ics under their completed/rewards missions in the Mission Log
  • AS-19419: Players can no longer use illegal characters in custom configuration game save names
  • AS-19449: Custom Games SES Promoted Game Configurations should now sort in a consistent order on all consoles now, from lowest to highest by share code
  • AS-19464: Players can no longer use a colon in a custom game’s save name (as it is an illegal character)
  • AS-19465: Custom game config save names are limited to less than total 45 characters
  • AS-19468, AS-19207: Disabling Printers Item Bundle and disabling the XL Rover item no longer block mission progression items from being available


  • AS-19029, AS-19516: Confirmed Princess log entry is correct in Russian
  • AS-19371: Tungsten should now be consistently translated in Polish
  • AS-19357: Fractal Rose Seed description should now be correct in Russia
  • AS-18799: Singular Substance description shoul be translated in every supported language

The following is still a known issue as of version

  • AS-19640: Clients in a Multiplayer session do not receive the PUM-KN Shelter during the Fall LTE
  • AS-19678: In Custom Games Configs, setting Decorators to 0 in Calidor Caves stops shells from spawning

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