Contra: Operation Galuga was announced for Switch back in September, and it’s set to arrive sometime in early 2024. When the game was revealed, the official press release stated that there would be both a physical and digital release. While that is certainly true, today we learn that the physical release isn’t quite as physical as most would like.

A listing for Contra: Operation Galuga popped up on Amazon UK today, showcasing the physical version. Unfortunately, that listing confirmed that the boxed copies of Contra: Operation Galuga will offer customers a code-in-box rather than a download code. We’re not sure if things will be the same around the world, but we’ll try to get insight on that. (update below)

Contra: Operation Galuga is a modern reimagining of the classic run-‘n’-gun action game from the ’80s, featuring modern graphics and sound. Encounter new stages, new play mechanics, an updated weapons system and explosive co-op combat for up to two players in Story Mode or four players in Arcade Mode.

UPDATE: WayForward has told us that the North American boxed release for Contra: Operation Galuga will be on a physical game card and will be published by Limited Run Games.

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7M ago

As Lance in this picture seems to be saying, "hmm, interesting." Well, to our mates across the pond, get ready to import!